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Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

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The Minnesota Department of Health licenses funeral homes, crematories, morticians, and internship registration.

A funeral establishment means any place or premise devoted to or used in the holding, care or preparation of a dead human body for final disposition, or an office where an individual provides funeral goods or funeral planning services to the public.

Consumers typically choose a funeral home or mortician based on past experience, reputation, financial accommodations, and/or location.


All funeral providers are required to provide consumers prices for their goods and services over the telephone.

Many funeral providers voluntarily advertise their prices for funeral goods and services on their website.

When a consumer visits a funeral home, the funeral home is required to provide a copy of their "General Price List" when discussing prices for funeral goods and services.

The General Price List is an itemized statement disclosing the costs of goods and services offered by the funeral provider. Consumers may also request a separate price list for the merchandise they select.

Most funeral providers offer traditional funeral services followed by burial, entombment, or cremation. Families may choose other services such as a direct burial or direct cremation. Services rendered will depend on the religious practice, customs, decedent's wishes, and/or financial ability of the family in charge of the arrangements.

At the conclusion of making at-need funeral arrangements, a funeral home must offer a general price list to the person(s) with the legal right to control and arrange for services. The person(s) with the legal right to control will be required to sign an itemized written statement with the costs of the funeral goods and services selected.

The mortician making the funeral arrangements must also sign the contract and provide the family with a copy of the contract at the conclusion of the arrangement. The purpose of this contract is to ensure the customer will not have unexpected expenses and the services selected will be provided.

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